First Trimester Tips: Morning Sickness

The first trimester of your pregnancy is an exciting time! It is also the time you will likely experience several pregnancy symptoms. While the symptoms can be difficult, there are several helpful remedies to help you feel better. Morning SicknessMorning … Continued

Benefits of an Ultrasound

Benefits of an Ultrasound If you have just found out you are pregnant, or believe you may be pregnant, you will want to know about the benefits of getting an ultrasound. Confirming Your Pregnancy When you first find out that … Continued

Winter Storm Warning

We will be closed, Tuesday, Feb. 16 due to inclement weather. The NFP-Understanding your Fertility workshop will continue at 11:00 am via zoom. Here is the link… Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 869 7234 9149 Dial by your location +1 … Continued

Sleep Tips for Insomnia during Pregnancy

Guest post by Rachel Rolband, Sleep Ninja at Slumberyard There is nothing like the excitement of pregnancy. There is so much to do and prepare for, but many women do not realize how much their pregnancy can impact their sleep. … Continued

The Joy of being a Birth Mom

Janelle’s Joy as a Birth Mom     The decision to place a child for adoption may be a difficult one, but it can also be incredibly beautiful and rewarding. Birth mothers have overwhelming peace in knowing that they are making … Continued

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

    For many women, pregnancy is already a time of uncertainty. COVID-19 is only making these times more shaky. Instead of remaining with this uncertainty, we want you to be well-informed about what COVID-19 may mean for you and … Continued

Why Do I Need an Ultrasound?

  If you are considering an abortion, you may have found that an ultrasound is a necessary step in the process. Whether you want one or not, it may not be completely clear to you why you need one – … Continued

What Are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

  If you recently had unprotected sex or failed birth control, you may find yourself monitoring your body for pregnancy symptoms. It can be difficult, at first, to detect and define the earliest signs of pregnancy, especially if you haven’t … Continued

What is TelAbortion? Is it Safe?

  Abortion through medication is becoming a preferred method for abortion, with an estimated 60 percent of abortion patients (that were 10 weeks pregnant or less) choosing medication abortion over suction or surgery. In the age of telemedicine and the … Continued